ACCADUEO Impianti Srl


Accadueo Snc was created in 1976 in Montebelluna, a strategic city in north-eastern Italy, develops thanks to the acquisition of other companies, such as Castagnetti (ex Fiat group) that has been working in the field since 1922, in Italy and in the Mediterranean basin. Accadueo extends its business to a international level.


In 1999 Accadueo Impianti Srl Was established in 1999 Accadueo Impianti Srl with the absorption of the Divisione Impianti of Accadueo Snc and the transfer by this one of other secondary business units. In fact, this initiative is part of a precise strategy that provides the continuous improvement of products and services, by focusing business activities.

Later in the year 2001 the activities of Castagnetti Standard and Accadueo Snc were transferred to a multinational company. The Accadueo Impianti Srl continues its route in the project, manufacture and installation of treatment plants, water purification and water reuse on the project, providing customers with a global service and management, reproducing all the experience acquired in the previous 25 years by Accadueo Snc and Castagnetti.

A far-sighted entrepreneurial vision led to the meeting of these realities in Accadueo, working with one philosophy: to offer customers integrated solutions in water treatment to fully meet their needs, with their eye to achieve this goal. The Accadueo is able to propose a water-measure, for each industrial process, so as to:

  • Reduce the cost of maintenance and operation of machines and plants that use water in a direct or indirect way
  • Extend the life of plants and machines
  • Reduce the percentage of defects of the finished product.
  • Reduce energy costs.
  • The skills of Accadueo result from the study, research and diversified experiences, and they are the necessary support to act in the global market, in turn, the largest confrontation in the international area, contributes to the enhancement of organizational flexibility and managerial skill.

    The belief that investing in the professionalism of your own staff through continuous training accompanied by ethical standards and professional conduct, constitutes the strength of the company.

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