ACCADUEO Impianti Srl

The union of experience and know-how, the synergy of technical and human resources and infrastructures allow Accadueo to offer services, products and plants for all kinds of civil and industrial activities.

Accadueo studies the production processes to identify the most suitable water treatments with onsite inspections, laboratory analyses, feasibility studies, cost assessments and exprimentation on pilot plants.

The analysis and management of environmental matters are tracked by Accadueo, carrying out preliminary investigative surveys suggesting integrated solutions of treatment.

All this is supported by Accadueo laboratory which carries out analyses on primary, industrial and sewage waters.

Moreover Accadueo offers a wide range of standard plants and components, including filtration, softening, demineralisation, reverse osmosis, mixing, dispenser and monitoring systems.These can all be combined with remarkable modular flexibility for industrial, civil and domestic use.

Engineering projects: Accadueo Impianti works with a team of expert, specialist engineers, laden with years of experience and know-how.They provide the concept, design, the calculations, sizing, selecting the components and supervising installation and testing. Accadueo overhauls existing plants through a procedure of analysis and study, a report on the modifications necessery and on its approval, carries out the work.

Moreover Accadueo Impianti is equipped with electrical and mechanical workshops for the development and production of mechanical components and electrical switchboards, plus their maintenance and repair; with a team of expert technical installers Accadueo manages the installation, start-up and testing of plants.

The company policy "do things well right from the start" is a guarantee that optimum results are achieved straight away. Accadueo draws up chemical treatment strategies to optimise the use of water resources offering up to date and tried and tested solutions.

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